Day 48 of P90X – Kenpo X – Amazing results

On day 47 we did legs and back. I am now using heavier resistance bands, so in 47 days, I’ve gone from using 20 Lbs. resistance bands to using 40 with ease. To say that I am amazed at the strength I’ve gained with the program is an understatement. I have stopped weighing myself because I don’t want to focus on the number on the scale, I want to focus on how great I feel. It has been an amazing journey so far. At the beginning of the program, I used to get winded just going up and down the stairs, bending down was difficult because my gut was on the way and the few times I did yoga, it was hard to go from a “Down dog” position, swing my leg through to “Crescent Pose” or “Warrior One” without having to adjust my leg. I am now able to. I am also able to do push ups, I am able to do a push up and hold my body at about 2 inches from the floor called “Chaturanga”(or push-up pose).

My strength has greatly improved for sure, but not only has it improved, my clothes are fitting looser. I put some jeans on that I had not been able to wear for about a year and not only did they fit, they were loose around the waist and the belly. Speaking of belly, it has shrunk and I am now sure that even if I don’t reach my weight goal by the end of the program, I am going to be in such fantastic shape, that the number on the scale won’t matter. That was the point of working out anyway. I sometimes forget that muscle weighs more than fat so as long as I have a flat belly, I’m happy.

Day 48 we did my favorite workout – Kenpo X. I worked out harder to get my heart rate up, and I was able to… but not as high as when I first started. It only got up to 168, which is 11 short from my maximum heart rate for my age and the interesting thing is that I was covered in sweat from head to toes and YES I was working harder!! I love this program, everything about it is great. This is not a regular program where you don’t see results, this is an amazing program where you start to see results very quickly IF you stick to it. I think the reason a lot of people don’t like to workout is because 1) it takes time, 2) many times we don’t know what we’re doing (it happened to me too) and we don’t get the results we want. There has not been one exercise routine that has not left me covered in sweat, everything from the resistance training (weights) to the cardio exercises have and the results are showing! I LOVE IT!!