Veronica Benton

Autoimmune Disease Specialist and FDN-P

Welcome to my website! My name is Veronica Benton and I’m a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner. I specialize in finding hidden stressors in your body for the most common health complaints. We do that through the use of functional labs which you run from home.

My job is to make recommendations based on the healing opportunities that I find in those test results. I don’t diagnose nor do I treat disease, but instead, help your body as a whole, by providing you with a self -care protocol so you can feel better and take charge of your own health.

My own health journey started in 2010 when I successfully lost 55 pounds, reversed my blood sugars and went on to compete in my first fitness competition. Even though my health improved and I had started to feel much better, there were a few issues that had not improved. I had suffered from lack of sleep, digestive issues and knew I had some hormonal imbalances that I needed to address.

The reason I call myself a “Vitality Detective” is because that’s what I am. I’m the kind of detective that helps you achieve better vitality and health by finding the hidden causes that are getting in the way of your full vitality. Having been there myself, I know how difficult it can be to know that we’re doing everything right, and yet, not feeling completely well. It’s frustrating and can be discouraging at times. The good news is that there ARE answers and I can help you find those answers!

I am a certified Autoimmune Disease Specialist through The Institute of Transformational Nutrition.

I have always been interested in expanding my knowledge about coaching modalities that will best support my clients. One of the reasons I chose ITN was because they have an amazing reputation and their program is very comprehensive.

The knowledge acquired through their certification, along with my FDN training, will provide an additional layer of support that is so needed with my clients.  

I am a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner.  Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® is the type of detective work that provides answers to the most common health complaints. We don’t diagnose health conditions and we don’t treat diseases, but instead, we look for hidden stressors and find healing opportunities in your body.
We use a very natural approach to healing, by treating your body as a whole and providing it with the support it needs through a DRESS® for Health Success  protocol (diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and supplementation) so you can start feeling better. How we do this, is by using saliva, urine, stool and blood tests that you run from the comfort of your own home. What I look for in these tests are:

  • Hormonal imbalances;
  • Digestion and detoxification issues;
  • Food sensitivities;
  • Gut structure issues that might be impairing your immune system;
  • Pathogens;
What is different about FDN®, is that we don’t treat symptoms, but instead we treat the individual and their unique needs. This system has been proven to be an effective approach to restoring health to thousands of individuals. The FDN® approach can be used with your current health and nutrition program.