Year End Beachbody Challenge

I’m getting ready to start a new weight loss challenge and I am SO excited to help more people reach their weight loss goals! Last year I started a Beachbody challenge group on Facebook with several ladies. It was around the holidays so we all had our challenges trying to balance family, holidays, food and our workouts. But the ladies in my group did it. They all started to lose weight, committed to their workouts, to eating clean and changing their habits.

This right here, is one of the ladies I worked with, her name is Xhiomara, we call her “Xhio” for short (pronounced See-O). It’s so interesting but we never realize how much of a progress we’ve made until we look at our old pictures… in the same way that we don’t know how far from our goal we are, until we see our pictures.

Xhio's before and after
Xhio’s before and after

If I ask you to compare your pictures from today, to the pictures from last year’s holidays, where are you as far as your goals? How close are you to reaching them? Would you like to be closer to your goal and feeling much better about yourself around this time next year? If the answer is yes, I have GREAT news for you. I have 10 spaces for a brand new challenge opening November 26, right after Thanksgiving. That way you’ll be able to enjoy your family holiday and be ready to take charge of your health and fitness starting Monday. Are you ready?

The challenge will include a Beachbody workout of your choice, Shakeology the delicious meal replacement that will help you reduce cravings and lose weight and me as your personal one on one coach and look… here are MY personal weight loss results and guess what? If I could do it… I can certainly show you how to do it as well!

There is fun to be had and prizes to be won 🙂 Seriously, you can win up to $100,000 just for entering your results, just like Kathy M. and Richard N. who won $100,000 each in this year’s Beachbody Challenge, plus we also have the daily, monthly and quarterly prizes as well. Seriously, you have nothing to lose except weight!

There are hundreds of weight loss success stories that Beachbody has made possible.. yes, I’m one of them as well. Join me and become one more success story! Message me below and I’ll get in touch with you and get you started! Let’s greet 2013 with a boom!  and a VA-VA-BOOM!