Why Diet Foods are Unhealthy

There’s been a lot of research lately on why diet foods are unhealthy and the effects of non-fat, low-fat foods in our body. For many years, we were lead to believe that foods high in fat were damaging to our health and that it was best to eat diet foods. The food industry made a bucket-load of money with these ideas, launching a huge line of diet foods and processed foods with the label “good for cardiovascular health”. The problem? We are now facing a huge obesity crisis and our children are now affected by obesity, type 2 diabetes and even premature cardiovascular health issues.

When I started my health and weight-loss journey, I too fell into the “low-fat, non-fat” craze. I was told by a trainer to eat tilapia, chicken and veggies to lose weight and to avoid other foods that were high in natural fats. While I successfully lost 55 pounds and went on to compete in a fitness competition, I soon found out that this “diet” had left me with hormonal imbalances and issues with inflammation. I had puffy eyes. My skin looked horrible. I felt tired all the time. My periods were messed up. My libido was gone. I had incredible sugar cravings. And the weight started to slowly creep up, no matter what I did.

I have learned so much since then. I now know that our body needs fats for our hormone production. That not all fats are the same. That we do much better with non-processed foods. And that it’s best to eat foods that are not fried. I also know that when fats are stripped from foods, sugar is added to make those foods taste better. I’m also aware that one diet does NOT fit everyone. We are all different. And what might be good for one person, might not be so beneficial to the next. I also know that we are responsible for our health and wellness. We have the power to demand better quality foods and we can educate ourselves on what is best for us and our families. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. We can do better.

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