Why are diets so difficult? Day 38 of the P90X

Every time I turn around there is a new weird diet that some people are on. For me it’s so difficult to actually “be” on one of these outrageous diets like the “cabbage soup” diet which several of my friends have done. First of all, it sounds like people have to do so much work and end up with what to me (although I haven’t tried it) is a bland soup. I have to be honest though, with so much good food, I get bored easily eating the same freaking thing everyday, I like variety in my food.  I have several weaknesses, one of them is that I love to cook, the other one is that I love to eat. Cooking to me is an art, and if you ask any of my close friends who have known me for years, they can tell you what a good cook I am. Yes, I take pride in my cooking and when we used to live in Los Angeles, we would host parties every now and then.

I am on day 38 of the P90X program and for me, food is a big thing. I was not going to stick to a program unless I could actually have it all and not feel like I am sacrificing on my meals. The thing is that for most people, a diet means to limit yourself on what you can eat and “sacrifice”. I say, WHY??? It doesn’t make sense! Once you go back to eating like you normally do, you’re going to end up gaining all the weight back (hello???) So why would you  by not well and not exercising??? Besides, sorry to say this ladies, but this is exactly how we end up with flabby arms and a flabby butt, because we refuse to workout and all we want to do is continue to believe that in order to be beautiful “there is a price to pay” and that the price is to “suffer by eating bland food” or “starving ourselves to stay thin,” which by the way is very different than being fit, or “take some magic pill” that will make all those pounds disappear, except we never know the side effects (remember Ephedrine and Fen-fen? ). If you knew that the results from exercising are going to benefit you a lot more, why are you avoiding it? Heck I much prefer to have nice curvy arms that will look well with a little black dress (like Mrs. Obama’s arms) than to lose muscle with a diet that doesn’t make sense and will take the same amount of work, if not more than cooking a healthy, balanced, well-proportioned meal.

Both my husband and I are now experts in cooking really healthy, nourishing and TASTY meals. I eat proportionate, tasty, healthy foods. I don’t sacrifice, I stay away from deep-fried foods and fast foods. We even go out for dinner sometimes and again, we eat healthy when we go out.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that even fats are necessary for good health. Not all fats of course but omega fatty acids are very necessary. Omega fatty acids aid with inflammation, brain maintenance and even have anti-aging properties. Take a look at this article: http://www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/55362/title/Benefits_of_omega-3_fatty_acids_tally_up

Quit the “sacrificing.” it’s not worth it! You are abusing your body by not eating well and all you will accomplish is to continue to yo-yo diet which is bad for your heart. Get a good workout program and eat healthy, that’s all there is to it. As for me, I have 52 more days to go and I am already enjoying the benefits of being fitter!!! I was able to put a blouse on that I haven’t worn in a whole year and for that I am celebrating P90X style 🙂