What do you want from life?

I remember having this conversation with my mom one time and my answer back then was “I don’t know” with a blank stare on my face. She worried that I might not have goals… I know, I’m sure I’ll go through the same with my little girl when she grows up.

I have a LOOONG resume of things that I’ve done in my life, from working as a receptionist for a small United Nations project in Central America at the age of 18 and moving up to Office Manager of that project by the time I turned 22. To taking cooking lessons to become a chef, I worked as a translator and interpreter for a number of years too, I’ve worked for Lehman Brothers and several other financial institutions in Los Angeles as an Executive Assistant, I worked as a Trust Administrator for the long-gone U.S. Trust, and let’s not forget the two (or was it three?) positions for the entertainment industry that I held as well.

I was young and ambitious and I’d get bored easily with every job I held… there was always this sense of “this isn’t it, there HAS to be more to life than just this” except for the United Nations job because we gave people tools to get ahead… I didn’t leave that job “at will” I was forced to leave it due to the politics of the country. Every single job interview I’d gone to when asked, “What was your favorite job?” I remember answering with this sense of excitement when talking about what the U.N.  project was about. It hurts that I had to leave… still does, so much so that I find myself wanting to cry as I write this. The good news is that I came out of that situation alive and unharmed. That project did a lot of good for many people. It helped them start their own businesses and become financially independent.

Now I’m a lifestyle coach and I teach people to take control of their health, their finances and their fitness. I teach moms how to ensure that their kids grow up healthy and fit and how to balance a busy family life without forgetting to take care of themselves. I teach couples how to be closer and get through rough times. I give them the tools they need to get ahead in life… I teach men how to get that zest from life and feel fit and strong,  while still working through my own issues because I recognize that I’m not even close to being perfect. You know that sense of excitement I used to get when describing my job with the U.N.? I get that too when I talk about being a Teambeachbody coach.

People matter to me. Families matter. Marriages matter. Children matter. I think the question to ask is not “What do you want from life?” but more “What is your life’s purpose?” I found mine… Have you?