What a surprise! Day 80

YAAY! Day 80 and I didn’t even realize it until this morning!!!!! Woohoo!! Not only that but it was my FAVORITE workout from the program “Rev it Up” YES! It freaking rocks with all the Capoeira moves, oh I was in fitness heaven!

I’m closer to my workout target and closer to my fitness target and to my surprise, my upper abs are already developed… it’s the lower abs that I need to work out more on. The nutrition part has been so tough this week, as you have noticed I am very disciplined (most of the times anyway), but it’s tough working at an office where there are so many cookies, cupcakes, chocolates, etc., so I have a tiny piece of chocolate and that’s it. I have been taking my own snacks (apples, almond butter, lots of Greek yogurt and raw almonds), that helps me throughout the day.

To be clear, I still have 16 more days to go, the program really lasts 94 days, but time flies! Can you believe it? I am almost done with my second 90 day program. Why don’t you join me and continue with my journey to fitness? You’ll feel much better 90 days from today. And hey if you order your workout program from my website by December 21, you will get it just in time for your new year’s resolution AND you’ll get me to coach you for free 🙂