Whaaat??? Skinny Jeans? Really?

Yes, really. I needed a new pair of jeans because nothing fits now that I’m in better shape. I used to get annoyed at myself when nothing fit a few months ago because I was so heavy so quite honestly now that nothing fits because I’m thin makes me feel absolutely GREAT and to be truthful, I see it as a really awesome problem to have.

So here I am, at the store with my 3 year old. All I see are “skinny jeans” and I wanted to turn around and run out the door but I remembered that I had actually lost weight already and that I was in better shape so I though “OK what the heck, I’m already here, let’s try these things on.”

I took a size 4 and a size 6 of course, thinking that this was the appropriate size for me but I was curious to see whether the size 4’s fit or not. The fitting room downstairs was closed so to my daughter’s delight, we had to climb up the stairs and go to the second level to the fitting rooms there, so jeans in one hand and my daughter’s hand on my other hand, we happily went into the fitting room. I normally would try the size 6 first but I thought that this time just for fun, I’d try the size 4 first. I haven’t measured myself since starting RevABs because I’m not at day 45 yet.

I put the size 4 pants on and the pants slipped on easily, I thought “well that’s a surprise” but then I buttoned them and they fit comfortably and of course that was a REALLY GREAT surprise! So yes, here I am in my size 4 skinny jeans!