We are halfway done – day 45, my biggest fear Yes I admit it

Coming into this program, I have been very attached to my results. To be honest, my biggest fear is that I will get to day 90 and I may have not attained the results I was expecting. Of course, knowing me, I want to look absofreakinglutely hot by the end of the 90 days,  you know, nice toned arms which are not impossible to attain with this program and of course the biggest challenge which is getting rid of the belly.

On the other hand, my hubby and I are already talking about which program to do next. We could just stay with the P90X until we master it, or, we could actually up our game and do another program. We haven’t quite decided yet what to do. But here’s the great thing about it, except when we trained for the marathon, I don’t remember ever, sticking to something for this long. Truthfully, once you start it, it’s easy to continue. I think the best thing for me has been working out with a partner. We motivate each other and it’s cool to see our bodies transform right before our eyes.

At day 45, I have to admit that I am not where I want to be but in order to not be too attached to the results, I have stopped weighing myself or measuring myself. Instead of focusing on the number on the scale, I am now focusing on how great I feel and how much better I am eating or how much water I am drinking during the day. It is after all, a lifestyle change AND a commitment to better health.

In regards to my hubby, here are his 30 day results…