This weight loss thing… it gets easier, I promise!

It does, really, seriously, I’m not kidding!

It’s been almost 3 months since my competition and today for the first time in several weeks, I measured and weighed myself. I had asked my hubby to hide the scale several weeks ago because I was concerned about obsessing over it post-competition.

I had expected to gain SOME weight, but everything I have heard about women who compete gaining a lot of weight post-competition from binging concerned me. I wanted to keep a good balance. I thought to myself, BALANCE IS THE KEY! It has to be! It’s funny how this little square thing of metal can have so much power over my mood! As he took it out from the hiding place… I heard the music from Jaws clearly playing in my head. Then I stepped on it, breathed in deeply and to my surprise… I have only gained 3.5 Lbs. WOW. I’m at my perfect weight, happy, no need to lose any more weight. I do however want to be more toned and have a bit more definition for my next competition. 🙂

What I have learned through this weight loss process is that it DOES get easier. I am much more conscious about what I put in my mouth. I am consistently working out and continue to eat non-processed, natural foods and of course, I also have my daily Shakeology. It’s so darn good! Amazing as it sounds, I don’t count calories as much as I used to! Healthy, raw or lightly steamed vegetables never caused me to gain weight, it was all the processed food that did it!

It gets easier, it really does!