The power of words…

Often times we blame ourselves for something that we don’t like, a particular circumstance, the place we live in, or the way we look. We do this often with things that we have no control over and others that we do.

One of the things that I’ve had to learn is to place my focus on the positive. This has meant for me, to stay away from words that talk about ‘hate” or situations that make me angry or unhappy… that include politics, crimes against children or anything that brings me down.

The reason I’m bringing this up, is because I want you to notice how many times the word “hate” comes up in our vocabularies… how many times we use that word against ourselves… then ask yourself, when did you get a phone call from God saying it was okay to use those disempowering words against yourself?┬áIf you don’t like something, you have the tools and the power to change it. We always do and when we don’t, well, it’s not the time to get angry or resentful, that’s the time to get creative, to find others who can inspire us or motivate us, to think positive.

The word “hate” has a charge to it, you can feel it in your gut, your teeth grind, your face frowns, it robs you of joy and peace. The word is destructive because it literally eats you inside and the interesting thing is that that person you’re directing hate towards many times, doesn’t even notice. But what happens when you direct that hate and unhappiness towards yourself? Think about this: If you had a friend who talked about you, or talked to you in the way that you talk to yourself sometimes, would you still be friends with that person? Why do it then?

Anything that you use to make yourself unhappy on a daily basis, is just a distraction from reaching your goals. Every minute you spend hating your body, is a minute wasted in being thankful for being healthy, for being able to move, for being able to exercise and eat right. The ONLY reason I mention this is because I also had to learn this… be kind to yourselves.