The diva came out…

Yes, you are reading this right. If any of you out there are fans of “Hot in Cleveland’ you may know Wendy Malik’s character, Victoria Chase. Yeah, I discovered that I am her sometimes (or at least my ego likes to believe that she is).

So what happened was that on Monday night I had to go lift weights. I happily went to the gym, thinking “Alright! I am ready to get this thing called fitness done.” I am at a point in my training where I am lifting pretty heavy weights and my workouts are intense. The gym was seriously jam-packed and probably full of people who have decided “I am going to start Monday!” As I went to the pull up machine to get my warm up started, there was a line. Five guys waiting patiently for their turn… I don’t have patience! People should know that, they should have been given a fair warning when they walked into the gym “see that lady there? Beware, she has no patience… open the line and let the diva workout.” Because the gym was built for ME after all.

“Fine” I thought to myself, I will just do push-ups and come back to the pull ups. When I was done with the push-ups I went back to the machine and it was STILL packed. Seriously? Seriously??? I had the decency to go do push-ups and you guys didn’t hurry up for ME??? Why are you STILL on MY machine?????? Of course the diva didn’t speak, they are supposed to read my mind you know.

After about 20 minutes of waiting in line for 3 machines, I ended up getting frustrated and went back home. I was in a serious bad mood. How could they just hog MY machines???? What’s up with that? It wasn’t until the next day that I got what a diva I am. Geez, I could have just done a session of plyometrics and allowed those who are never at the gym to do their workouts, saying “the machines were busy” was just a lame excuse to NOT workout. Yes, I am acknowledging that I really didn’t want to be at the gym and was just looking for an excuse to walk out. It was Monday night and I did not want to work out. All I wanted was to plop in front of the TV and watch a good show. What those guys unknowingly did was offer me (well the diva) the perfect excuse on a silver platter to head back home. Oh and I didn’t head back home peacefully, I headed back home with a freaking attitude. Guess what I watched when I got home? Yes you guessed it, I watched an episode of “Hot in Cleveland” (I’m behind on my shows)

Lesson learned. I have successfully switched my workout program to do sprints on Monday nights and plyo on Tuesday nights when the gym is packed. My weight lifting will be done on the remainder of the week and now the diva has no excuse to come out and complain about the machines being packed.