Speed and Agility, really? REALLY?

Okay so I have totally lost it! TOTALLY! I decided I was going to go full out and take the next challenge… Insanity The Asylum. Let me tell you a bit about me… I was never good at sports that involved a ball, hitting something with a bat, or anything in which I needed to be coordinated. Ask any of my former classmates, they can totally confirm what I’m saying… no, I was not good at sports, in fact I SUCKED at them. So WHY in the world would I do this? WHY? I am not sure really… maybe it’s the fact that I have suddenly learned to embrace the ability to push myself to see what else I can do or how much I have improved.

Asylum prepares you for playing sports, ALL sports, from basketball, football, soccer, swimming, sprinting, if it’s a sport… well this workout will prepare you for it. ┬áToday the workout was “Speed and Agility.” The first time I did this workout it was not really Speed and Agility it was really my own version which should be called “Slow and Clumsy.” I struggled through it and when I was done, I was really bitching about how much I had hated it.

The lesson here is once again, to not give up and continue. You have NO idea how many times I lost my balance, questioned my ability and just really wanted to give up… but I didn’t, I kept at it, and slowly my body has started to respond. In today’s Speed and Agility workout I was able to do some of these exercises without stepping on the ladder (yaay me!) I was able to keep my balance, do all the moving pushups and about 95% of the workout. YES! and now that I have gotten my breath back, i can safely do a Snoopy dance without passing out. YEAH!

This is what i love about these programs, there is no guessing involved, yeah, I feel a bit lost at times but that’s just an effect of my clumsiness and not the programs themselves. So if what you’re doing is not working for you and you’re not getting the results you want, why, oh why are you continuing to do the SAME thing? That’s why most people quit, because they don’t get the results they want. If you want results, you have to do something different. Most people spend thousands of dollars in gym memberships every year only to quit a few weeks into their membership and waste their money.

If you want to save money in gym memberships AND get results, Beachbody is the answer and I can coach you through your journey so you can get my results, in the same way that I was coached to get mine. The people that I am now coaching are getting GREAT results, if you want to join them, contact me at happyfirmbutt@gmail.com.