Should you workout when you’re sick

Okay so this cold and flu season finally caught up to me AND I was determined to workout anyway, ┬ábut then some words of wisdom came my way from Steven Edwards, who’s the “Director of Results and Fitness Advisor” of Beachbody. The truth about me is that one of the hardest things is to slow down. I am normally up by 5:00 am and on weekends, I wake up at 6:00 am (which is what I consider “sleeping in”) even when I leave my alarm clock off. I sleep like a rock, wake up rested and boom, 5:00 am rolls around and my eyes are wide open. Sometimes a cold is a good way for my body to say “hey there girl… SLOOOOW DOWN!” So I did this time, I slowed down and got caught up with my writing, reading and tuning in to my body to see what it was asking for. Fruit, fresh fruit (strawberries, fresh pink grapefruit, oranges, blueberries, apples and even a banana was my dinner last night.) Other things I have craved are green tea, water (of course) and probiotics. Interesting thing is, all these things are cold and flu fighters. I always learn new things and this was one of them as I wondered if you should workout when you’re sick.

What I love about what I learned today is that your body’s metabolism will speed up when you’re sick because it goes into the same process of restoring muscles that you go through when you’re working out. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we should neglect our health. I truthfully do NOT like to be sick at all but i’ve used this time in a productive way.


Should you workout when you're sick?
Should you workout when you’re sick?


As I’m laying in bed today taking it easy (against my will), I decided to read what Steve Edwards said (again) about rest and illness… it’s good to know that I am now in tune with my body and that I’ve been following what it’s telling me to do as far as meals… check out his article by clicking here

Look at my healthy fruit platter YUMMY

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