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Power 90 Results

Last year after my competition, around July or August,  I met an amazing lady by the name of Mary. Mary reached out to me and told me about her journey. In December, she said she wanted to join my Power 90 challenge, what happened to her is incredible and inspirational. Let me post her Power 90 results story here:

“I have fought all my life with my weight.. My biggest being 460lbs.. in my early 20’s I was diagnosed with Leukemia, I had 5 surgeries within the past 8 years, I’ve gone through chemo and radiation. After all of that I still had Cancer Cells just not strong enough for treatment. (My Cell was a form of remission). Until then, I had never really won my round with cancer.

Three years ago I was yet again diagnosed with CML Chronic Myeloid Leukemia… I was determined that I didn’t want to do chemo or radiation again so we did pill therapy which in my mind was the biggest mistake of my life. At that point I just wanted to die, It has NOT been an easy journey. After going through all of that, I changed my life around, started eating right and working out and as of March 2012 I’m Cancer Cell Free… this lifestyle change has truly saved my LIFE. I used to weight 460lbs now as of 2012 March my weight is 160 I’m 5’5.

I truly believe that with the RIGHT form of eating and working out you can SAVE yourself. LOL I did!! I started one of Veronica Programs a low impact of Power 90 Dec 2011 – and now Les Mills Pump. The Challenge group keep’s me in check with my workout gives me positive thinking, motivates me and Never let’s me Give up””


Below is Mary’s before and after picture. The picture on the right is here “before” picture, the one on the left was taken Saturday, June 9, 2012. Her story inspires me because she had two voices to choose from, the one that told her that she had every reason to not take charge of her health and the one that told her that she had every reason to turn around and take charge of her health. I am thankful that the reason to take charge of her health was the voice that won. This is not an overnight success but one that took consistency. She had already made amazing changes when I met her and I just helped her with the fitness component. What I love about her is her determination and will to help others in her journey. Mary is now a coach in my team and is paying it forward by helping others take charge of their health and fitness.