Our fitness test before the RevAbs

Well, we have officially started our RevAbs program from Beachbody, the makers of the P90x. We are combining it with the P90X and will start our first workout on both programsĀ  tomorrow. You may be asking why I say that we have “officially started” when we really didn’t workout today. Well, we did. We performed the fit test that the RevAbs brought, the reason for the fit test is so we can have a baseline to start from and to improve in 45 days and then again in 90 days. The P90X also has a fit test at the beginning of the program (day 1) and one at the end of the program (day 90).

The fit tests for both programs are different but both have a level of difficulty. The RevAbs test has a lot of core strength type of fitness tests in which you engage your abs, i.e., hold plank position for a minute, do a side push up starting on your right side while putting your left arm up in the air, squat as if sitting in a chair and hold for as long as you can. Well, I’m amazed, both Joseph and I did well on all the tests and we actually passed the goal on many of them. One thing is for sure, I may not have my six-pack yet, but I am definitely in OK shape right now and I am starting at a much better place now than where I was 90 days ago.

Again I will be keeping a journal on my results, energy level, etc., I promise to tell the truth on everything I blog, the good and the ugly. I know there will be days I won’t want to workout, there will be days when I may not have the energy, but whatever it is, I will blog about it. Why? Well, because blogging keeps me accountable and besides, I like to go back and read where I was and what I struggled with, or what little steps I took, or how I conquered the “I don’t wanna” monster. At the end, I will have something else to celebrate and hopefully a freaking six-pack to boast about šŸ˜‰