On moving and other challenges

If you are one of my friends, you know we recently moved.

Move = stress = diet out the window.

The funny thing is that I have all the means to work out, from a new friend contacting me to go for a 3.5 mile walk (thank you!), to my favorite yoga teacher now providing yoga classes by video, from the comfort of my home via “livestream” from her studio in Santa Monica, about 2.5 hours away from where I live, so I really have NO excuse, not counting the wonderful book from Tracey Mallett, her videos and all the other information I have at my fingertips… yet, I have managed once again to find the excuse.

However, I started working out again, little by little. Even though I did not do that well on moving week with my diet, I have still managed to keep the weight off and now I’m ready to lose some more weight. I feel more energetic, except for the very short-lived cold I had this week. One thing I have noticed is that the more I work out, the stronger my immune system gets. My cold lasted a very short period of time and I was back on my feet in no time.

My new place is AWESOME and I have been able to sleep profoundly much better here than in my old place, there is close to no traffic here and we have nice, quiet, wonderful neighbors. So I’m set to continue on my journey taking yoga lessons, walking/running and continuing with my diet.