On day 52 – 8 days left for 60 day picture

Oh how time flies! And oh have I gotten great results!!! This weekend, my daughter, husband and I went to the beach. I had joined a group on Facebook called “Yoga pictures from around the world,” since they were asking for more pictures, I suggested that we go to the beach and my daughter and I do some yoga poses, since she’s a toddler it’s really cute and we could post them. Well this is like a big deal for me, because it’s been a while since I have felt comfortable enough to have my picture taken, let alone, post it on my Facebook or on someone else’s page or wall on Facebook, yes, I admit it, I’m vain.

I have taken a new assignment to go work at hospitals as a face-to-face interpreter, I had resisted the idea because it was so much more comfortable to be home in my PJ’s working on the phones. My idea of having to wear a suit or a business outfit with my extra weight was something I did not want to have to deal with. Quite truthfully, I kept avoiding it at all costs and unfortunately, for me the cost was income. But with the P90X program, I started to notice a huge shift in my weight, a shift for good. So, I decided to start taking a look at business outfits and to my surprise, I had to buy a size 6! So what difference is that? At the beginning of the program, my clothes were a tight size 10, and now, I am a comfortable size 6!

I have 8 days left for our 60 day pictures. I haven’t taken any measurements yet, and I’m already feeling amazing. It’s incredible, we have 38 days left for the conclusion of this program and this is the first phase only. From what I can tell, I am getting closer to being in my best shape ever. It rocks!