Oh how life changes in a year!

Three hundred and sixty-five days gone by, just zipped right past me. Every year it seems to be the same… or is it? Not quite, actually… this year I am celebrating being 40+ almost 45 Lbs. lighter than I was last year. Instead of the terrible belly, well I am sporting a spanking brand new six-pack, and at age 42 (almost 43) I have more energy and discipline than I ever thought possible and if you saw my pictures from last year (if you’re new here in my blog) and compared them to this year’s… more than likely you’d think that it’s not the same person, I don’t look like the same person and I certainly don’t feel like the same person either.

Today happens to be my wedding anniversary as well. My wonderful, amazing, freakingly handsome husband has joined me in the efforts of getting in shape as well. He also looks much younger, has more energy and let me tell you, is looking quite hot. If we added how much we’ve lost together, I can tell you that 100 Lbs. are gone, gone, gone, forever! Just like the 365 days that I’m telling you about.

I know I don’t have control over the future, I don’t know what next year is going to bring, but at least I can be responsible for my health, for feeling and looking healthy and for teaching our daughter to eat healthy, nutritious, delicious foods. We no longer eat processed foods, nothing that has been pre-cooked and sold frozen at the grocery store. We have learned to eat at home more often, which has affected our wallet favorably. We also have taught our daughter to enjoy foods that we make at home. We are growing tomatoes, blackberries and strawberries. She enjoys watering her plants and baby talks to them which I must say, is quite cute. 🙂

I can’t help but feel proud of my achievement, every muscle that peeks out, every time I realize I’m stronger than the previous week gives me a reason to do a Snoopy dance. I am THRILLED to go shopping for smaller clothes! Even my small clothes I had stored are fitting me loose here and there… I weigh more than when I met Joseph, but I am a size smaller. That’s what muscle definition does.

My daughter is taking after me, flexing her little arms and saying “I am STRONG mommy! I have MUSCLES!” What a difference that is, from the conversations I hear from the media, teaching girls that rail skinny looks good or selling the latest diet fad. She imitates my P90X moves, tries to do push ups and even will do some Kenpo X moves whenever she has an opportunity. This wouldn’t be possible without my hubby’s help, support, commitment and encouragement to our health and fitness. We have fun together, and make fitness fun for us as well. 🙂

This post goes to my hubby, I love you, I celebrate my partnership with you and our commitment to our family, to health and fitness. Here is to many more, healthy, fit years to come with you.