Oh God was I hungry!

So yesterday I started my diet and it mostly went well.

Here is how my day went:

Breakfast: 1 scrambled egg with tomato, onion, spinach (for 1 protein count and 3 veggies)

1 cup cooked oatmeal (1/2 cup raw oatmeal before cooking) with cinnamon and cooked with water

1 cup of coffee and 1 glass of water

A couple of hours later, I got hungry so I ate an apple with another glass of water (for 1 count of fruit)

Then lunch time rolled over so I prepared the fish and ate 1 ounce of the fish, (for 1 count of protein and 2 counts of veggies)

a spinach salad with tomato and onion

2 glasses of water

I still felt hungry so I ate on slice of sprouted wheat bread with one Tbsp of peanut butter (this was my 1 count of grain and my 1 count of fat)

mid afternoon, I had another snack, 1/2 cup cottage cheese and 1/2 small mango (1 count of dairy, 1 of protein and 1 more fruit). 1 glass of water

I had leftover fish for dinner so I ate another ounce of fish (for 1 more count of protein) with another salad, (one more count of  one more glass of water

and then my snack which consisted of hummus and celery (one more count of grain and one more veggie) and another glass of water.

What I noticed that was interesting is that even though I’m eating more frequently and eating healthier and enough portions, I am still feeling hungry. So to avoid this, I did something different today, instead of waiting til I’m hungry to eat and ready to shoot someone because I’m so hungry, I decided to actually eat before I was hungry. That way, my mind will always be fooled and my body will be satisfied. I’m eating smarter and one of the things I noticed is that I’m feeling a lot more energized.

I only had 4 servings of protein of which 7 is the maximum amount, 1 dairy, 3 servings of grains, 4 fruits, 1 fat, my required unlimited amount of veggies  and my 8 glasses of water.  I think eventually my body will get used to the idea: “No, you are not allowed to chug down whatever stuff you find in the fridge, and NO you are definitely not having the Easter bunny as your best friend this year, no matter how tempting those sweets may be.”

I didn’t run over the weekend but started training again today. Even if you only walk and not run, do something, get your body moving, you will feel better and your body will thank you.