My new job and Rev Abs

With my new schedule, I have had to repeat days 36 to 45 twice. I was supposed to be done with the first phase of RevAbs two weeks ago. My new job, new schedule, my child getting a cold, well… all of these things combined have caused me to not follow-through with my exercises. So I rescheduled my Wowy calendar to repeat it again last week and then this week. I’ve failed again to continue to workout. On top of everything, I have had something on my mind which is not allowing me to sleep and tonight, once again at 10:17 PM, I am still up and I have to get up at 4:00 am to workout, uhm, will I? I hope so, I just don’t know if I will have the energy to. I tried to sleep, I’m tired, but my mind is not ready to rest so what I do when I’m worried about something is to write.

I like my new job, there are many things about it that are great. I won’t go into details about it because my blog is not about my job. However, I am amazed at how easily this job has become the perfect excuse to not follow through with my workouts. “I’m too tired” “I didn’t rest enough” “My daughter was sick and was up several times last night” have been my latest excuses and although they are ALL true, they are still excuses.

Even with that, and working out only 4 times a week I have been able to be strict with my diet. I have avoided all the ice cream, cookies, cake, cupcakes, birthday cakes, that they have offered at my job. We have had at least 2 celebrations per week since I started there. It’s a great group of people and I love it that they acknowledge people, celebrate their birthdays, promotions, farewells, etc., so I make an appearance, I smile, wish a “happy birthday” “good luck on your new venture”, etc., and kindly say “no thank you” to whatever it is they’re offering that I know I shouldn’t have. Most people respect my choice to not eat it, but I have had a few people say to me “you know you really want some” I just smile and say, “no, I really don’t but thank you” and leave it at that. I am known around work as “the girl who completed P90X and eats really healthy.” I like that. 🙂