My mom is my hero

My mom is an amazing woman and no, I’m not saying this just because she is my mom… but because she is. I know no other person who is as non-reactive, patient and amazing as she is, her faith in God is unshakable and I realized last week the amount of strength it takes to be that way, it’s not easy and while I might have a lot of physical strength now with my training, I have to admit that I do not have as strong a faith as she does. When she believes in something, or has a vision NOTHING gets in her way of that vision, not even current circumstances… and trust me, the circumstances that my mom has gone through in her life have not been easy but she believed in a future in which everything would change and work and it did. She had something that has been hard for me to have even when it’s related to fitness, she is able to look at the future and say “that’s the future I’m living into, regardless of what my circumstances are today, this is how my future is going to be.” She relies on her faith in God to get there and it has worked.

We had some amazing conversations with my mom last week. I don’t know what happened that I was ready to listen to her in a way that I have never been ready to… realizing her vision for me and my life as well as her faith in everything that I do was the ultimate fuel I needed to continue with my goals, my training and where I’m headed to.

I had been a bit concerned about her stay with us, because I’m in the toughest phase of my training and nutrition. I was worried that I’d be tempted to have too many cheats on my meals or eat something that I shouldn’t at this point in my training, however, that wasn’t the case. We made sure we shopped for foods that she liked to eat and I just continued on with my competition diet and my training. I should also mention that my mom reversed her diabetes type 2 with good nutrition and exercise (yes it is possible), keep in mind that I’m not saying that a particular exercise will do this, but a good sensible diet, losing weight and exercise will help reverse your diabetes if you have recently been diagnosed. My mom worksout with Body Gospel and I will probably buy another program for her soon.

As we took her to the airport on Sunday, there was more of a sense of peace within me. I am thankful to see someone who is capable of having that unshakable faith. It has nothing to do with religion, but with knowing that when you have a vision you can stand in a place trusting that when you are in action in regards to that vision, everything will work itself out.

You rock mom!