My happy butt got kicked tonight

Yes, it’s true! We purchased Insanity and there is an extra workout as part of the program called “Fast and Furious.” Well, today I had a challenge that did not leave me with the best energy possible. I was pretty upset and stressed out. I got home and kept telling Joseph “I can’t shake this off, I’m still upset, I need to do something.” I had homework to do so I wrote a bit and posted really great arguments on my online forum but I kept going back to how yucky I was feeling. So I told Joseph I was going to workout and he suggested I do “Fast and Furious.” OH MY! It freaking ROCKS!! I loved the workout! I love Shaun T! Within 5 minutes of working out, I was feeling the sweat come down my spine and guess what! I CAN DO PUSH UPS!!!! Yes I had to take breaks but I can freaking do TOUGH push ups!!!! And I am flexible beyond what I imagined! Heck this workout is like a boot camp and JUST what I love to do. I don’t like dancing but push ups? Jogging? Jumping up and down? OH YES! Just what I needed and now I’m in fitness heaven!

Shaun T said at the end of the DVD: “When you feel like you love me and you hate me, just take the hate out and love me and love yourself” I said in response “I FREAKING LOVE YOU!!!” Because the endorphins rushing through my body left me feeling much better than when I started and now I realized that I am back where I used to be when I thought I was really fit years ago, that instead of treating myself with food when I was upset, I would treat myself to a good workout. I use working out as my comfort now and that is the BEST thing I can do for myself. 🙂