My clothes talk to me…

You’re probably reading this and thinking WTF?? But it’s true, I realized today while talking to my husband that my clothes talk to me and they have not been kind. Let me explain so you don’t think I’m a little cuckoo.

When we lived in Los Angeles after having my daughter, I had lost some weight and was pretty proud about it. They had just opened this fantastic mall called The Americana in Glendale and I happily took my daughter and went shopping. I was SO optimistic! I thought to myself: “I can finally buy some clothes at that new H&M store.” I decided to just purchase a new blouse, a pretty, stretchy white blouse, size 6,  I paid and happily took it home. Well, the blouse didn’t fit, my intention was to go back and return it, but I honestly never made the time and so it happened, the white blouse with the black tag that looked like a tongue sticking out at me every time I looked at it, followed me all the way to Santa Barbara County. I have NO idea why I kept it, but regardless, it was my reminder (or maybe my motivation?) to get in shape.

We had been living in this charming little town for about a year and when our lease was coming up for renewal, we decided that it was best to move. As we were once again packing all our stuff for the move, my husband asked me: “what should I do with your clothes?” And with resignation I responded, “donate them or throw them away.” That’s how I felt at the time, there was no way in my mind that I could ever fit into any of those clothes, my beautiful SMALL clothes.

All of this happened in April and after about a month of hearing about P90X everywhere, I decided it was best to cancel my membership at one of the local gyms and commit to this fantastic program and  “see” for myself if it would work for me. This was May of this year. I am at the end of my journey. And tonight I found the white blouse with the black tongue… I mean tag, and I decided to try it on. To my surprise, not only does it fit, it is actually a little loose on me! I could hardly believe it! And my clothes? Well, they are out of the storage unit, we did some cleaning and I donated all my large clothes and kept the small ones. I feel stronger, more flexible and in the best shape I have been in a long, long time and this is my first round of P90X, my FIRST round! It ONLY took me 90 days! That was it!!!

If you are thinking about doing something about your weight, you can look at it this way: It doesn’t matter what program you choose, it doesn’t matter what type of exercise you decide to do, all it really takes is a commitment on your part to not quit. That’s all there really is to it. You can either live into a future where you will still have low energy, unhealthy, heavy, or whatever it is that you feel (I’m describing how it is that I was feeling), or 90 days from now you could be in the same place I am, honestly, what do you prefer? I like it when my clothes say nice things to me and my white stretchy blouse is very flattering! 🙂