My biggest fear about the workouts

Looking back at May of this year and how badly I was feeling about where I was in regards to my fitness, I knew I had to do something. I first heard about P90X in an infomercial and of course, my first thought was “seriously? Ninety days… are you kidding?” But then one of my Facebook friends talked about doing one of the workouts on P90X and I thought, well maybe I should ask if it has worked for him. So I did and I am so thankful that he responded and about a month later, after we had moved to our new place I received my very own box of P90X.

One of the biggest fears I’ve had whenever I am starting one of these programs and when I’m getting ready to take my pictures is “will I get ANY results?” Will the results show? And of course “Is it true that I will be stronger and healthier?” On day 45 of RevAbs the same fears came up for me, as a matter of fact, Joseph and I were both worried that we had not gotten results, because truth be told, you REALLY won’t know until you have something to compare against and if you don’t take your day 1 pictures, well then, how in the heck can you tell whether or not you got results?

Taking your first day pictures is daunting, it was for me and I had to take them twice because the lighting wasn’t good enough. So of course we took them outside and then inside. By the time Joseph and I made it inside the house, I was already pretty ticked off, not at him, but at the fact that I felt horrible by the way I looked and I had to take the pictures AGAIN.

I keep looking at my pictures and while I know that I am not where I want to be and to some of you, maybe my results this time are not impressive, but hey, take a look at where I was in May and take a look at me now… I have definition on my abs, something that I couldn’t even imagine 7 months ago so I am patting myself in the back because I freaking deserve it. I have worked hard to get where I’m at and I am proud of myself.

Today we started the second phase of our RevAbs program. During the whole first 45 days all we heard was Brett Hoebel saying “you’re setting the foundation for the second part of the workout.” I have to say I am SO thankful that we did the 3 DVD’s over and over again during the first 45 days because the second phase seriously kicked my butt. At one point Joseph said “OH BOY” in the middle of a workout and we both burst into laughter. My abs are sore and the soreness feels very different, it’s not a soreness like I’m injured but the only way I can describe what I’m feeling is that there were muscles that were asleep that have suddenly woken up with a very loud ‘GOOD MOOOOOORNING!!!” My thoughts for tonight are, yikes I’m ALREADY sore, I wonder if I’ll have to crawl out of bed tomorrow.

I haven’t quite honestly checked out what workout we have to do tomorrow morning. Today, it was fat burning abs, but maybe they should have called it “kick-ass abs” or something that really portrays the intensity of the workout because seriously, it kicked my butt big time and boy oh boy I want more! I am really looking forward to my workout tomorrow.

Forty-five more days and I will have really awesome abs!