Motivation or inspiration?

So I have to be honest here… it’s SO not easy to keep the motivation to workout going, especially when we are faced with day-to-day challenges or our day-to-day activities. I discovered early on in my journey that I needed more than simple motivation, I needed something that would inspire me.

When I am inspired about something or someone, it’s so easy to feel motivated, it’s as if the inspiration fills up my motivation engine. If I run on motivation alone, I tend to run out of gas and quit sooner or later. What I did was sit down and really find good reasons to workout:

I wanted to feel great
I wanted to be healthy
I wanted to live long for my daughter

My daughter became my inspiration to workout. It wasn’t just the health aspect, it was the body image aspect as well. As she grows up, she’s going to be bombarded by the many magazines of skinny not-so-healthy looking girls that we have seen so many times. I want her to grow up with the idea that a strong, healthy body is the BEST thing she can aspire to and to feel self-confident in her own skin. She’s the reason i got in shape.

When finding a reason for inspiration, it’s always best to look outside of yourself, the people who surround you, the ones that matter to you most. Find something that inspires you, because when someone is inspired, there is nothing that can get in their way of achieving their dreams.