Meeting Challenges with Insanity and Aslyum

Toni G. was in her early twenties when she discovered she had high blood pressure and a lot of weight to lose. With the help of Shaun T., she’s completed Insanity, Asylum, and moved on to complete an Ironman! Read about her transformation in her own words, below:

Before Insanity and Asylum, my life was a significant mess with health issues. I was working in a highly stressful environment, developed high blood pressure and was quite overweight.  I am in my early 20’s and to develop these significant health issues at such a young age is a serious issue. A big part of my job is walking, and one day I realized I could not walk from one area of the campus to another without heavy breathing. I saw this infomercial for Insanity and thought it would be cool to try it, but thought nothing else of it. But one of my colleagues actually bought it and invited me to try it. I tried it and thought, “THIS SHAUN T. GUY IS CERTAINLY CRAZY!”

I pushed through it and lost 40 initially in that 60 day process.

Then got hooked and did it again! After round 2 of Insanity, I started making other goals within my health and wellness. I wanted to not only lose weight, but I wanted to tone, change my eating habits, and focus on other areas of my health and wellness (skin and hair). For toning I was introduced to Asylum. Talk about being committed! I struggled, but I came out on top in the end!

In total I lost 70 lbs from Insanity and Asylum and my blood pressure is normal with no medication. I started other challenges and succeeded! I did the Ironman, which was an incredibly rewarding experience. My attitude is different. I am truly more confident and I am giving motivation and encouragement to my family and friends. I am a lover of fitness now. Everyday I am loving myself more and more. That is a wonderful feeling when you look in the mirror and SEE the work paying off.

Next up in the fitness world? I want to try P90X and TurboFire! I hear also there is an Asylum Vol. 2! To that I say, BRING IT! After completing the Ironman, I am still running and swimming! I accept challenges and strive to finish them. I also want to continue to be an encouragement for my family and friends that want to make the change in their lives. 

Insanity and Asylum are workouts you DEFINITELY need to be committed to in order to succeed in the program. It is not for the person that wants to see what its like and then expect results. These programs require work and they really do work if you stick with them! I know that they are hard because I would lay on the ground after each workout and ask myself, “why did I just do this?!” The key for me was to remember what I wanted at the end of the end of the program. Hard work pays off and Insanity & Asylum were the key currency to my success!