Life in the Age of COVID-19

As we all navigate in these uncertain times, I know that many of my friends, followers and community have been asking what we can do to protect ourselves from the virus. Unfortunately, I don’t know if there’s much we CAN do, other than take the necessary precautions that the CDC has been sharing (wash your hands, don’t touch your face, avoid crowded places, practice social distancing).

I also recommend a few other steps: Eat healthy, exercise, take your immune-boosting supplements (which might help) and make sure to add stress-coping practices to your life. Whichever that is – prayer, meditation, yoga – are all good practices. The panic, stress and fear that many of my friends and family members are facing right now with all this uncertainty doesn’t help our immune systems stay strong.

Social media, while an amazing way to stay in touch with our friends and family, can also add to the stress. I have read SO much misinformation on the web lately. Well-meaning people sharing that you can “self-test” if you have the virus by holding your breath, or drink water every 15 minutes, etc. Again, unproven steps that are not based on science and have been debunked by Stanford University,  healthcare professionals and several articles from reputable sources.

Here are a few tips that might help protect you from misinformation AND stress:

  1. Be mindful on what you read and who you follow – try to keep your mindset positive
  2. If you see a post with information, research, verify. – It truly only takes a few minutes
  3. Try not to share information that is based on fear – we can do better
  4. Beware of people promising a cure or having a “remedy” for the virus.
  5. Go to scientific-based websites for valid, verifiable information

And please, don’t buy into the panic. I know it’s scary and uncertain. We have never faced something like this. I know that many businesses have started lay-offs. Please reach out to your friends by phone, text or email to check on them. Check on your elders. Check on your neighbors. Offer some help if needed. Be a resource for others. Be kind.

As far as steps to take to protect yourself, here are a few supplements that might help boost your immune system:

  1. Vitamin C
  2. Vitamin D3 and K2
  3. Astragalus Root
  4. Dandelion Root
  5. Omega Fatty Acids

Follow a low-inflammatory diet and avoid sugar and processed foods. Stick to real, whole, healthy foods, stay hydrated (for the sake of staying hydrated – not because of the virus) and make sure to include some type of fun activity in your daily routine. These are steps that we should ALL follow, all the time, not just now. Take care of yourself and take care of your loved ones.

This too shall pass.