Let’s try this again…

Yesterday Joseph and I got up early in the morning to workout. I’ve been guilty lately of staying up too late watching one of our favorite shows which we missed two whole seasons of so we’ve been catching up with that show and so it seems that it’s “catching up” week. I have to now catch up with my workouts too as you may recall from my previous post, I fell behind.

Joseph thought it would be a good idea to repeat the last 2 weeks of RevAbs before our day 45 pictures. I wasn’t happy about it and protested, but at the end I agreed. We got up a little later than I would have liked. I take the bus at 6:40 AM, if I wake up at 4:30 am and it’s a long workout (about 50 minutes to an hour), I am done by 5:30 which gives me enough time to shower, get dressed, have breakfast and be out the door by 6:30… unfortunately I got up at 4:50 and scrambled to get ready, but at the end, I was able to get out the door on time (I even ate breakfast).

Today it was a shorter workout (about 38 minutes), the nice thing is that we had to do my favorite routine “Fire up your Abs.” I was tired and at one point I told Joseph “I wish I could stay in bed a little longer.” Joseph asked me if I wanted to workout and I replied “If I had a choice, I would say no” but truth is, I do have a choice… no one is “making me” workout. What gets me going is realizing how much more energy I have when I DO workout compared to when I don’t. What gets me going is looking at how my day will probably go if I don’t workout. So two days in a row, I have been able to keep my word about exercising and it has definitely helped.

I am really looking forward to taking my measurements, weight, body fat and my pictures and I am REALLY looking forward to the second phase of RebAbs. I can see my upper abs already forming, not bad for 42 🙂