Let’s close our eyes and change our lives… if only

As many of my friends know, this was moving week for us. What a challenge, not only packing, cleaning up, unpacking but focusing on eating well has been a challenge as well. The easiest thing would be, heck, let’s get something fast and easy, which most of the times equals, fast, easy AND unhealthy.

On Thursday after taking a break from work, hubby and I decided to go grab something to eat before continuing our move. We ended up at one of the few good restaurants in town (good thing they’re only a handful). I ordered a small serving of steak with veggies and rice, I also had a choice of cornbread or garlic bread. So we both chose cornbread. It was fluffy and warm out of the oven. In keeping with my diet I only ate 1/4 of the cornbread. Hubby ate the whole thing.

Sometimes I wish we could record our funny conversations, we have fun playing with words and joking with each other. So we were¬† in the car and I proudly said “I’m so proud of myself for not eating the whole cornbread.” Hubby looks at me and says, “yes you did, I only closed my eyes and imagined eating my whole cornbread, but YOU on the other hand ate the whole thing.” We both laughed at how silly it is sometimes.¬† Don’t you just wish that it were actually true? That all we needed to do is close our eyes and with no effort or sacrifice on our part, our problems or challenges would go away? But then what fun would it be? I mean seriously, isn’t part of the fun finding a solution to our problems? Plus it makes us stronger… yes, we may kick, scream and complain the whole way, but then again, what good will that do? Have you noticed how tiring it gets to complain EVERY day about something? Plus if you complain about stuff everyday, people won’t like to be around you.

Someone wise told me once, if you focus on the negative, more negative stuff shows up to focus on. But if you focus on the positive, more positive things start to show up. If you surround yourself with negative people, it’s a lot harder to focus on the positive. In other words, when you focus on something it gets bigger, you focus on problems, they get bigger. If you focus on how horrible you feel or how terrible your job is, that feeling is going to just seem to get bigger. If you focus on your weight problems and not do anything about it, that problem is going to seem bigger as well and the guilt for not doing anything about it will get bigger and bigger as well.

I challenge you to take something on this week, focus on one thing positive, focus on something to be thankful for. If you have a job, be thankful for having a job instead of complaining about it. Start focusing on something to be thankful for every day and see what happens.