Les Mills Pump

After my third round of Insanity, my hubby and I were ready for a new challenge and decided to join some of the coaches in my team with Les Mills Pump.

I am LOVING this workout, the music is awesome, the “rep effect” as they call it feels a burning sensation that tells me that my muscles are working and that my body is changing. The workout comes with a barbell and a set of 5 and 10 lb plates. I had to order an additional set for Joseph to use. I was happy though, that I only had to order one set and not two.

What’s interesting about this first phase of the workout is that the routines are short… 25 to 35 minutes, they combine 15 minutes of yoga (flow) with 45 minutes of walking, or about 20 minutes of abs with 35 minutes of walking.

I am amazed at how many women have been concerned about “getting bulky.” We don’t have the ability to become bulky on our own and quite honestly, I have NO idea what a female bodybuilder has to do in order to become bulky like that. When I competed, I was lifting about 170 lbs with y legs and around 60 lbs with my arms and I wasn’t bulky at all.

So that’s my review so far. 🙂