Jack LaLanne, a legacy

I heard the news of Mr. LaLanne’s passing  Sunday night through a Facebook friend and it got me thinking, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t  for him. Tony Horton would probably not be here either and who knows, maybe Beachbody wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Mr. LaLanne’s revolutionary ideas on health and fitness.

But how did he get started? Well, at 15, he listened to Paul C. Bragg give a speech about nutrition and health. It impacted the young LaLanne so much, that he changed his life around by changing the way he ate and exercising. He opened his first spa and gym in the 1930’s and encouraged women to workout and lift weights.

I don’t know if Paul Bragg knew what an impact his legacy would have that a young man would take his message of health and fitness and run with it, making it his life purpose. This just teaches us that we never know what impact our words will have in the world, seriously. Thankfully for us, there are people like Paul Bragg,  Patricia Bragg, Jack LaLanne, Tony Horton, Shaun T., Brett Hoebel, Chalene Johnson  and many others who are out there making a difference in the fitness world and thankfully for us, we have access to their trainings.

So here is to you, Mr. LaLanne thank you, your legacy will live forever.