It’s getting easier…

Today was much easier. I did what I was supposed to do, I ate before I got hungry so I was never starving and I drank plenty of water during the day. This time for a change, I didn’t feel that “I will die if I don’t eat now” feeling. I was pretty satisfied and content throughout the day.

For us mom’s with small children it’s difficult to find the motivation or get ideas to work out with your little ones. My daughter is at that “my turn” stage so I make up games with her. We will use the elastic band for resistance training (of course she can’t really do resistance training) but, we count, then I let her do “her turn” and we count again, we take turns and have fun.

I suggest inventing activities with your little ones if you’re a mom, so you can include them in what it is you’re doing, you’ll have fun and it will keep you motivated.