My husband and I love to have these profound conversations. We were talking about inspiration and motivation once and Joseph said to me: “You cannot run on motivation only to reach your goals. You need to find something that inspires you, that inspiration will fuel your motivation.”

On March 23rd, I had the privilege of visiting the NPC bodybuilding, figure, bikini competition. I had promised my accountability group that I would post pictures and give a report so with that in mind, we headed out to Los Angeles. I was only there for the amateur category and did not stay for the professional one which was around 6:30 PM. I thought about it, but the long drive back at night wasn’t something I was looking forward to.

While I was there, I had the opportunity to meet and speak with one of the most experienced bodybuilders. He has been competing for about 30 years.While in his 60’s, he is still in terrific shape and having beat cancer only four months ago, is planning on competing again next year. I was moved by how inspirational his story was and what a privilege that he trusted me with it.

I could have continued to watch the competition but I was drawn to this bodybuilder and we continued to talk about everything, family, how supportive his wife has been, what an amazing lady she is, his children, grandchildren, etc., and of course, I shared some of the same, Joseph’s amazing support, my daughter, my upcoming competition and my training.

One of the things he said to me was: “Don’t be surprised if your daughter follows your footsteps and starts to compete as well.” I hadn’t thought about that, but today I watched a video of this amazing young lady who recently won the Arnold bikini category. She is in an accelerated medical school program (pre-med) and has been competing since she was 14. Her mom also competes. Then it struck me, she is THAT committed, focused and disciplined in all of the areas of her life because fitness has provided her with those qualities. She is not one to be stopped by reasons to not study or not workout. This girl is in a special accelerated program where you have to prove yourself to enter. That is amazing!

I don’t know what my little girl will be when she grows up but I do know that I want her to learn to be disciplined, committed, unstoppable and self-confident. I want her to grow up and blossom into a strong, confident, determined and successful woman, not only mentally but physically; If I am able to raise her to be that, I will know that I have succeeded as a mom.

I went to this competition to learn something about competing and instead, I got a gift: the gift of inspiration to continue my journey and do the best I possibly can in this competition, for myself, my daughter, my husband and all the people who have supported me in this journey.