Inexpensive Organic Foods Online!

I’ve Been Looking for Inexpensive Organic Foods Online and Found It!

Okay, so I’m a mom and a wife, self-appointed chef (although I am trained as one), a fitness instructor, bikini competitor and food purchaser extraordinaire. I love shopping for food… I could care less about shoes or purses or make up… but when it comes to tasting new foods and experimenting with new flavors, I’m your girl! On that note, one of the biggest issues I have is trying to find a source for inexpensive organic foods online. Have you ever noticed how much more expensive organic foods are?

I’m blessed because I live out in the country and most of the times I can get my produce for a real reasonable price, except when it comes to canned goods because i have to worry about the BPA lining which is REALLY bad for you. On that note, Eden products which are hard to find in this small cute town that I live in, have no BPA. This morning as I’m preparing to pack for my trip to Las Vegas, my hubby sent me a message that simply said, “Sign us up for this please!” So I click on the link and squealed like a little girl on Christmas Eve (no, not really) but still… I was VERY excited.

Imagine the possibility of saving on your groceries, not only that but they are ORGANIC and NON-GMO and GOOD for you. Then I discover one more thing, they have a 30 day free membership so you can try it out and see how you feel about it, or you can sign up for a yearly membership for $52 or, if you want to earn points for purchases from your friends and family, you can purchase their Rewards membership for $125.00.

So I went for the free membership and when I got my confirmation number and signed in again they offered the Rewards membership for $75.00 (instead of the $125). I went ahead and signed up for it because I figure that…well, considering it’s food and that’s kinda sorta important…I’ll be shopping there quite a bit.

Shipping is free on orders above $99 and if you’re in the West Coast you can actually get your produce there as well…AND you get to choose what produce you want! They sell everything from milk to eggs to chia seeds and regular produce… Need I say more?? If you’re interested in trying it out, go to the link below and don’t forget to enter code 1127588 at checkout.

organic foods for less

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