In illness and in health…

I know, I know, it’s my vows to my husband… yes, I know. But hey it caught your attention, right? Well yes, I’m sick and because I am sick I took a break from work. My voice seems to have conveniently taken a vacation somewhere in the tropics so I wasn’t able to work today. I need my voice to interpret and when I realized the client on the phone said “sorry, interpreter I couldn’t hear you” that’s when I knew, my voice had conveniently packed its bags and left me right out on the cold.

So now you’re probably thinking: “Did I work out?” And You bet I did!!! See, I know that as long as 1- I don’t have a fever and 2- I don’t feel sick to the point where I’m short of breath or passing out, or 3- I don’t have some stomach bug that can cause dehydration, I can work out. Yes, I did, you bet I did. And I’m proud of it… although you may think I’ve lost it.

Today the workout was Kenpo X. And man did it kenpo my butt. It was tough, I am perspiring head to toes and it feels GOOOOODDDD. Although I am a little bitty uncoordinated, my hubby was impressed with my foot work. I guess that’s something that I never forgot.

By the way, I have to mention that I am so proud of my hubby. He went to a meeting tonight and resisted the temptation to eat any of the snacks there, which I’m sure tasted great and looked yummy too. But when we have a commitment like this to be fit in 90 days and we’re working this hard, believe me, the temptations go away.

And tomorrow is rest day… amazing, I am really not looking forward to my day off from working out and crazy as it seems, I may actually count the hours to my next work out. 🙂