Why Am I So Tired?

Let’s say that you have 25 Lbs to lose and you’re constantly tired. Why is that? Well… imagine yourself being at your normal weight, except you have a sack of potatoes that weighs 25 Lbs. ¬†ALL day long and you can’t put it down, you can’t get rid of it, you have to constantly carry it… you go to bed and you STILL have that sack of 25 Lbs. on you. Your body is not designed to carry 25 extra Lbs. of weight. Let’s say it’s more than 25 Lbs., let’s say you were in my shoes like I was almost 2 years ago, and instead of 25, it’s 55 Lbs. that you’re carrying on you. Now imagine that weight’s impact on your knees, your back and your energy. Not a pretty picture, right? No, certainly not.

Extra weight has a really hard impact on our bodies. The more fat we carry, the harder it is on our bodies, the slower our metabolism gets and the harder it is for us to gain energy and feel well. If we start to eat healthy and exercise however, we can start to reverse the impact of that extra weight. The interesting thing is that the more muscle we build, the faster our metabolism gets and the more energy we have. So you don’t have energy? Well, then get moving… regardless of your age, you’ll reap the benefits of exercise in your body.