I’m Bored with My Meal Plan

I have heard several people in several fitness groups I’m in, say: “I’m bored with my meal plan”. It’s interesting to me to hear that because I pretty much eat the same stuff everyday. You don’t know this, but I’m currently only limited to eating about 10 different things each day, and it’s the same thing, everyday. I tend to be very focused and determined when I’m going for a big goal so I know how to not allow myself to feel deprived. I focus on my goal and what I’m getting from it instead of focusing on what I’m missing. The truth is that focusing on what you’re missing will either empower you or make you upset. Sometimes it’s good to feel upset about what you’re missing. Other times, if it disempowers you to focus on what you’re missing, then focus instead on what you’re getting out of it, or what your goal is.

I prepare my meals ahead of time so it makes it much easier for me to be prepared. Especially when going out with the family. I can pack all of my foods and take some foods for my little girl as well, who usually eats the same things I eat plus A MUCH bigger variety of foods that are not part of my plan. My meal plan is nutritious so it doesn’t concern me to give her what I eat plus more. And as a mom, it makes my life MUCH easier doing that.

If you find yourself  saying “I’m bored with my meal plan” then look at ways to spice it up. If you cook your meats ahead of time, like grilled chicken for example, you can do SO much with it. You can eat chicken tacos by adding different types of salsa. Or you can have it with veggies and use different spices to make it more interesting. Use it on a salad with a delicious home made dressing. Use it to make some lettuce wraps. Or add it to a warm mushroom salad. You don’t have to feel bored with your foods. Just find a way to work with them. Also think about adding a few different healthy types of meats. Chicken is boring to me. So I’ve replaced it with turkey on some days. The following week, I’ll have it once a day instead of twice per day.

Take a look at some of the ways I’ve made

Add some roasted tomatoes and roasted bell peppers and serve with a salad


Served with a warm mushroom salad


Spice things up with some goat cheese, blood oranges, pecans and a delicious balsamic vinegar

Take your weight loss journey not only as your health goal, but an opportunity to be creative with your meals and to have fun with them.