“I Was 38 When I Knew I Had to Do Something”

At just 38 years old, Dominick G. was getting out of breath just trying to tie his shoes. His clothes were tight and uncomfortable, and he was getting tired very quickly when trying to play with his two boys. He knew something had to change.

He started off with P90X. He had seen some friends and family get great results, so he knew it could work for him too. After 4 rounds of P90X, he was ready to move on, but not quit! Next up for him was Insanity. And after that, P90X2. He was getting amazing results, and he was NOT stopping there!! He packed in another round of Asylum, and has just now started Asylum: Volume 2.

He dropped from 262 lbs to 194 – a total of 68 lbs lost in about a year and a half! He also dropped from a size 38 waist to a size 34. His resting heart rate dropped from 78 to 67. Throughout all of this, Dominick was suffering from acid reflux. But since adding Shakeology, he has rarely had to take medication for the reflux. His clothes fit great, he’s out on the football field out-performing the 20-somethings, and best of all, he can play with his kids again without getting tired.

Nice work, Dominick! Your dedication to the programs truly paid off. Congrats!