I graduated to dumbbells!

Yes it’s true! Who would have thought that the 40 somethin’ gal with a very low level of fitness that started writing this blog a few months ago would actually be able to workout with a set of 2 x 10 Lb. dumbbells! Yes a total of 20 Lbs. T I do have to mention that I have gotten a level of definition on my legs that I don’t think would have been possible without the resistance that the bands produce, and to that I say buh-bye cellulite! When resistance bands are used correctly they totally rule! So why get the weights? Well for two reasons, the first one is that the bands rub against my skin when doing certain exercise moves and it’s not the most comfortable feeling. The second reason is that you don’t get such a great range of motion with the bands and Joseph and I wanted make sure that we had that.

I know I have mentioned before that we get up at around 4:00 am to workout and that Saturdays are particularly difficult because we have a 3 year old who loves to climb on us when we’re doing push-ups and of course she just wants to join in the fun, you know, why not climb on daddy’s back while he’s sweating like heck right? So today, being Saturday we decided to wake up early enough that we could still sleep in but she would still be asleep making it easier for us to workout. Okay so we didn’t quite get up at 4:00 because that would totally be crazy, but we did manage to get out of bed at 6:00 and it helped. I was hoping this morning that it would be one of the shorter, less-challenging workouts (as if there are any less-challenging workouts in the second phase). I thought, hey if it’s “Power Intervals 2” my happy butt will still get kicked a great deal but it will only get kicked for 35 minutes. To my disappointment (at first) the workout was the one I dread the most, “Total Strength and Endurance” followed by 15 minutes of “Merciless Abs” for a total of a 60 minute workout. I perspired like crazy but I was able to do ALL of the workout YIPEE! And so was Joseph! Even the “Renegade Rows.” At one point I turned to Joseph and said “I need lighter weights I think” to which he asked if I was able to do it all with the current weights and yes, I am, it’s a challenge but I can do it. So Joseph reminded me that it’s “supposed” to be challenging.

So how do I feel? Physically I feel amazing. Almost all the flab from my belly is gone, and yes I still have a little more to go. What I am starting to notice at this phase is how much firmer my muscles feel, I thought I was imagining it, but Joseph mentioned this morning how he felt firmness all over and so do I. Although it is an “abs” program, Rev Abs actually works every single muscle in your body. I don’t know about you but I have never in my life seen anyone with amazing abs and fat or flabbiness somewhere in their body, so it’s no surprise that this program was designed in a way to get amazing abs while strengthening and tightening everything else.

What’s next? Insanity and by Insanity I mean the workout program, not that I’m going to go Insane, although people look at me funny when I say I wake up at 4:00 am to workout everyday but I do what I need to do for my fitness because that makes me healthier and my family needs a healthy mommy and wife. I know it seems weird to say it but when you don’t put yourself first, you certainly cannot be there when your family needs you. My patience is almost non-existent when I don’t workout, why? Because working out releases stress, gives you feel-good endorphins, energy and the ability to focus when needed.

If you don’t like to workout it’s probably because you haven’t found a way to have fun with it. Why suffer about fitness? The best advice anyone gave me is “have fun” and I do. I like RevAbs because it has some dance moves and Capoeira. I like P90X because Tony Horton is hilarious and the workouts to me are fun. If neither one of these workouts seem fun to you, take a look at the other workouts that Beachbody offers by clicking on my links or looking at my online store on Facebook. I promise you that there is something for everyone even you, if you need help choosing which program you’ll like best, drop me a message and I’ll help you choose. You will get me to be your coach and support you on your journey to fitness for free. 🙂