I did NOT want to wake up today

I really didn’t. We had a very busy weekend with Christmas tree decorations, baking cookies and doing fun stuff with our daughter. Then I had homework to do and quite honestly, I procrastinate when it comes to do homework. I still get a good grade but when it comes to choosing between spending my weekend writing or spending it with my daughter, I prefer to spend it with my daughter. I don’t need a 4.0 GPA, I just want to complete my degree while balancing work, my business and more importantly my family life which is my number one priority.

Today my bed was really cozy when the alarm went off. Joseph said that I told him “Okay, I will get up in a little bit” but I don’t remember saying that, I think I was probably talking in my sleep which wouldn’t be the first time, so of course 4:45 am rolls down and he wakes me up: “honey, it’s 4:45 am” my response? “WHY didn’t you wake me up sooner?” Yeah, as you can see, I have the awareness of a pickle when I’m sleepy 🙂

I put on my workout clothes, logged in to my WOWY at Beachbody.com (Workout with you), which tells me which workout I have to do for the day and TA-DA! It was my dreadful longest workout of the second phase… NOW I was really tempted to say, forget this, I’m going back to bed, it’s Monday and I’m tired… but instead of focusing on what I was thinking, I started to focus on how GREAT I would feel once I was done with my workout and so it was, that instead of allowing how I feel to dictate my day, I decided to ignore how I was feeling and do what I knew was best for me. At the end of the workout, I felt great. Not only that but I was able to do 98% of the workout for the first time ever (and I had thought about not working out? Wow).

I am extremely impatient and sometimes impatience gets in the way of me enjoying the moment because I just want to be done. Sometimes I want to see results NOW and sometimes I am dreadfully impatient when things are not looking the way that I want them to and I have to confess, my impatience creeps in with my daughter at times on those rare occasions when she doesn’t want to go to sleep, or when she isn’t listening. Thank goodness I have Joseph to take over for me when my impatience is about to take over. But what I realized this morning is that I don’t need my impatience to run the show, just like I didn’t need my thoughts to run the show this morning, I can ignore those impatient thoughts. I tried it tonight and it worked. What I’m realizing is that it’s a muscle that I need to develop just like with my workouts but it’s not impossible to develop it.