I broke the rules, oh no!

Before you feel surprised, let me tell you which rule I broke… the wait until day 45 to weight myself rule. Hey I got your attention didn’t I? So yes, I bent the rules a little and decided to weight myself yesterday and surprise, surprise! I am only 7 Lbs. away from reaching my goal and probably from fitting into those jeans.

I have to be honest, I am one day behind on my workout (oh no!) yes, I am… but, that doesn’t mean I can’t catch up. I got sick, my cold got a little worse, I lost my voice and realized “it’s time to rest” so I did, I listened to my body that was begging for rest and I rested. Today I feel better and I will resume my workout this evening.

I have always believed in the importance of listening to our body. When I was training for a marathon, I saw lots of people pushing their body to the limit, suffering injuries and not being able to complete the marathon. Well, I didn’t run the marathon, but I have a great excuse, I got pregnant. I saw several team mates with knee injuries (for not wearing the correct types of shoes), or who were running at a pace faster than they should be running. At one point there was a girl that had been in a faster pace group who had to slow down and, was sent to my group (we weren’t that fast and I was okay with that). She started to complain about my group not being fast and kept making those annoying sighing sounds (you know which ones). I was a group leader for my pace and at one point turned over to her and said: “if you don’t like the pace, switch to another group, but I will NOT be putting my group’s well-being in jeopardy just because you don’t like how slow we’re going. Besides, your knee hurts LISTEN to your body, it’s telling you to slow down.” Those few sentences worked and I heard no more whining or complaining from her part for the rest of our training that day. That was also the last day we saw her. The following week, we were told she was suffering from “severe knee pain.” I only hope that she learned that it’s ok to not be #1 at times, because when you listen to your body, you are putting YOURSELF at #1. It’s OK to slow down, it’s OK to allow yourself to go slower than others, no, you’re NOT joining the Olympics. Breathe, slow down, allow your body to heal. Your body in return will thank you, trust me!

I was reading about voice loss, it said “you will be back to yourself in a maximum of 2 weeks.” I thought to myself, “you gotta be kidding me!”
There is just NO way it’s going to take that long for me to heal. So I’ve been drinking plenty of fluids, staying away from acidic foods (even lemon is bad for this), and my voice is almost completely back. I took yesterday and today off from work and hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be able to work again. In the time being, I am all rested and ready to tackle whatever shows up tomorrow.

When my body is trying to tell me something, I listen. Most of the times, it’s just saying “hey, take a break!”