From gut to ab definition

I woke up today with some soreness in my abs of course due to the workout from yesterday. I looked at myself in the mirror and surprise! I have clearly, very clearly developed upper ab definition already! You have to remember that 4 months ago I had a gut and it was a pretty big gut! From gut to abs in just 4 months! Even I am amazed and I haven’t even completed half of the program yet! I’m supposed to take pictures on day 45.

RevAbs is a fantastic program but I truly believe that P90X served as a good foundation to be able to do RevAbs. I can’t wait to start P90X again and see what results I will get then when I’m fitter and of course, once I’m done with this program.

My daughter and I are having a “girl’s weekend” today. We’re going to do to stuff that mommies and daughters can do together and we’re meeting up with one of my girlfriends who hasn’t seen me in almost two years. I’m excited because two years ago, I was heavier and I can’t wait for her to notice the difference.

It amazes me even though I’m seeing the results that this is ME. I have never, ever, ever in my life have had ab definition. Not even when I was training for the marathon or when I practiced kickboxing for about a year. Yes I was fit and I looked good back then, but I am over 40 right now and I am closer to being in the BEST shape of my life!