Eat Clean 101

Okay, so we’ve ended 2012 and what a year!  Did you indulge a bit more during the holidays or did you plan your treats and stick to them? If you’re like most people, you probably indulged a bit more than you were planning for and if that’s the case, you’re probably kicking yourself right now. I encourage you not to, I encourage you to instead, celebrate the goals that you reached in 2012 and start this year fresh, with a clear goal in mind. I also encourage you to stop focusing on “losing weight” as your resolution for this new year, instead, I invite you to consider setting a new goal like learning how to eat smarter, workout smarter and accomplish those goals that you want. With that, I’m offering an “Eat Clean 101” accountability group to help you reach your goals.

Let me start  by telling you a bit about me. I’m a mom, author  and nutrition researcher who became a fitness competitor at the age of 43. I was 55 lbs overweight at the age of 42 and I was able to lose the weight. Whatever your concern is in regards to losing weight, I have had it too, age and motherhood being two of them, thinking I’d have to starve myself to lose weight or follow a ridiculous diet was another one.

Here’s what I’m offering you:

  1. Eat REAL, delicious food, recipes will be provided
  2. Have accountability and support in a small group setting
  3. Weekly phone calls/conference calls to support you in reaching your goals. Calls will be recorded if you’re unable to make the call.
  4. Daily tips to make your life easier
  5. You choose your workout. I can help you with that. I got my results from the comfort of my home, with NO gym membership and I saved money! You pick your workout program and you get my coaching for free.
  6. Nutrition tips to learn what to look for when shopping for food so you AND your family can make the best choices
  7. Tips to create balance, yes, we need our treats too!
  8. Recommendations on products that work, that will enhance your life, that will help you reach your goals and make it easier for you.
  9. Tips to save money because we need to take control of our finances too!

My goal this year is to help as many people possible change their lives and become success stories. Let’s make 2013 a year of accomplishments! Contact me today to get details on the requirements by sending me a message at or simply liking my Facebook page and sending me a message there.