Don’t quit!

A few years ago, I took a seminar and what I learned was to not quit. The funny thing is that I quit anyway, I quit because I made up plenty of reasons to quit, but the truth is that I quit because I simply didn’t want to do what it took to finish that course, it seemed as if it was too much work at the time and I just felt like I didn’t have what it took and I simply did not have the patience…. I’m impatient, ask anyone who knows me very well and they will tell you that I am.

When I started my weight loss journey, you wouldn’t imagine the times I wanted to quit because I wasn’t getting “quick” results according to me… you know seriously! I had started a program and expected to be 30 Lbs. lighter in a week and I also expected to go from an extremely boa constrictor tight pair of jeans size 10 (of which I popped the button out three times until I finally gave up and realized I was a size 14) to a size 2 in two weeks. The truth though was that I had patiently put on that weight, one pound at a time with every single bad choice of food I had made for a very long, long time. So why would I expect to get results that fast?

We go through life making bad choices and expecting to get better results than anyone else when we decide to do something about it. We somehow think that the weight loss fairy will magically appear during our sleep and by morning we will be swimming in a pair of very large PJ’s only to discover a new, skinnier me in the mirror when we wake up (well that’s what I imagined anyway). I mean seriously  after pushing ourselves to exhaustion and sweating our butts off once… dont we somehow deserve to be 20 or 30 Lbs thinner? I mean I worked my freaking butt off for goodness sake! (ONCE) Shouldn’t I get some kind of reward? I know, you might be laughing but this is how I viewed my weight loss at the beginning.

I have seen so many of my girlfriends going on some crazy diet where they lose weight but never keep it off. The only way you will get results is not with crazy stuff, popping diet pills or wrapping yourself in a cast (yes, that exists). The only way you will see permanent results is by being consistent with your diet and exercise. Remember that when doing a program you must do it the way it was laid out and don’t quit.

Like Tony Horton says “do your best, and forget the rest.” If you need help with your nutrition or would like to find out more about Beachbody workout programs sned me a message 🙂