Determined? Nah… just stubborn

As time for the competition approaches, I can’t help but look back to a year ago and see where I was. I have even looked at my pictures from last year and my husband’s pictures from last year and we look older then, than we do now. It’s so interesting what those extra pounds did to our bodies. Not only did we feel older, we actually LOOKED older.

Last week, I finally went through some of the famous clothes that I had neglected in my bedroom and that I hadn’t made the time to go through. It really only took me about an hour to go through all the clothes and see which ones were a “yaay” and which ones were a “nay.” Why did I put it off for several months? Well, because I was still worried that some of these clothes would still not fit. The truth is that some of the clothes did not fit me, they were actually big on me and we are donating them to charity. It feels good to fit into my smaller clothes now.

A lot of people think that I have a lot of determination. I think people don’t know me well, the truth is that I am VERY stubborn. Try telling me I can’t do it, and I’ll show you that I can… oh, and you better move out of the way because I will go full force and do what I said I would do. You can ask my husband, mom, and anyone else who has coached me in the past and they will tell you that I’m tough, stubborn, I don’t listen and I can be a challenge (not all the time but sometimes I am). I know this about myself and in some situations it’s a good thing, in others it’s not… like when I want to quit because when I want to quit, I REALLY want to quit. On top of the stubbornness, I have a glare that would qualify me as a modern-day Medusa with good hair. I can completely understand Medusa though, with hair like hers, heck I”d be pretty pissed off too. 🙂

A coach I had by the name of Lynn once told me that what made her a good coach wasn’t that she had it all figured out, but that she had been right there where I was at that moment. She was right, she was definitely, in my opinion, one of the best coaches I have ever had.

I don’t know where you are today in regards to your fitness goals. I do know that if you are frustrated and ready to give up, well, I’ve been there too and I can help you. Send me a note, we can work together in reaching your goals. If you don’t know what workout program works for you, just write to me and we can figure it out together. The best thing is that I get to help you for free.