Day two of a very intense workout

I have to honestly say, I have never, ever in my life, not even when I trained for a marathon, nor when I practiced kickboxing, have I ever gotten my butt kicked so hard as with the P90X©. It is an extremely intense workout and man does it feel good!

When I did my fitness test, I was horrified, here is a person that had always been very fit for most of my life and although I hadn’t really worked out on a consistent basis since the birth of my daughter in 2007, I knew of course that I was out of shape, but this was THE reality check on how truly out of shape I am. So after the reality check, then came the first two days of the workout.

The first day, my husband and I worked on chest and back. It was a very intense workout. The following day I woke up surprised that I wasn’t sore… I was honestly expecting not to be able to move or type when I woke up. The soreness started to come in slowly, about 24 hours after the workout. I’m still sore, but it is a good soreness, the type of soreness I love because I KNOW my body is getting fit again.

Day two of the workout was a pretty intense cardio routine. I have NEVER in my life sweated so much like with this workout. At some points of the exercise I had to push myself to a point I knew I could keep my good form of the workout and not injure myself but push myself enough that I could feel the burn. And I have to say, it’s been months since I last slept as well as last night.

It has been only two days of the workout and diet. My appetite has increased, but it is an appetite for eating healthier foods. Why put my body through such an intense routine and then sabotage myself by eating junk? It just doesn’t make sense.

It is interesting that I can already see the shift in my body as well, my arms, legs and butt feel firmer. I am looking forward to getting to the end of the 90 days of this workout and seeing for myself all the changes.