Day five

I loved the workout for our fifth day of the program. Back and legs. Today I woke up feeling the workout on my legs. It reminded me of the old kickboxing days. My back feels straighter, and it’s amazing how well I can feel those muscles in my back working.

My hubby and I decided we were going to use the schedule provided to us by the website. So after the very intense workout, we made our attempt at trying the abdominal exercises included. Of course, I only got about 60% of that, maybe even less. However, I have to say that I can already notice my clothes fitting a little looser.

I love the P90X program, I have a love-hate relationship with it. At the most intense moments of it, I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! When I’m done, I love it! I love it! I love it! Truth be told, I think this is the first time that my hubby and I work out together (really together) in a workout program that we enjoy together… well besides yoga that is, because we both love yoga and the benefits of it.

At this point, i am making a commitment of not measuring myself nor weighing myself until day 30 of the program. I am sure I’ve lost weight and lost inches, but I don’t want to be obsessed about it. So I will do my best, and forget the rest, which is what the program is all about. I am clear that by doing it this way, I am allowing the program to work with my body, instead of forcing my body to work with the program.