Day 9 – Sheesh!

Plyometrics, a series of jumps and squats. Man did it kick my butt! At one point I looked at my husband and said “I hate this and I love hating it!” I felt tired at the end of the workout, as if I had just ran a marathon and I slept peacefully once again.

Because we are not keeping track of the cardio exercises unlike the resistance training exercises, it’s easy to forget how we did the previous week compared to the current week. So, competitive as I am (if you haven’t noticed yet), I am thinking: “Man I suck this week…” and then Joseph reminded me that last week, I had only completed about 70% of the workout… “Oh yeah! I remember now…” this time, I know it feels harder and it is in a sense because I am able to work at it harder. Like Joseph said “Exercises that you were able to do last week, felt easier this week. Exercises that you were unable to do last week, you were able to do this week.” So for the record, I did about 85% of the workout this week. I know I pushed myself hard last week and last night, I pushed myself harder.

An interesting shift is happening in my body, besides the fact that I am eating healthier, I started to notice my back feeling straighter. There was a slight soreness on my lower back, it wasn’t an injury because it didn’t feel like an injury, more like a muscle that had never been used that all of a sudden was shaken up and woken up from a long, long slumber, I have no other way to explain what it feels like other than that area feels “open.”

When you run a marathon, you program your mind to think in small goals. You first thing about the first 10 miles. When you get to the 10th mile, it’s easier to think about the next 10 miles, when you get to the 20th mile, then the last 6.2 miles of the marathon feel like a breeze. This to me, feels like a marathon… I have 21 days left for the first 30 days of the program. I am ALREADY seeing changes in my body, health, sleep pattern, focus and energy level. If these are the results NOW… I can’t even imagine what they will be like by day 30 or day 90.

Twenty-one more days to a healthier me! How about joining me in this journey?