Day 8 – 82 days left, Power Intervals, my love-hate relationship

As I write this, I have huge drops of sweat running down my forehead, neck, back, forearms, the back of my legs and even my eyelids. I am drenched! I guess I will always be ahem… blessed to have a love-hate relationship with at least one workout. With the P90X it was the Plyometrix, and with RevAbs it’s the Power Intervals. The workout is literally 35 minutes of sweat drenching, heart pumping, lose your breath type workouts. It rocks and I love it… and hate it and then love it again.

I have earned my badge for today, I have paid my dues, I have eaten healthy and now… I’m ready for a shower and a nice restful night. I feel good and I feel proud. I think I need a round of applause 😀

Good night world 🙂